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Meet our team of experts! The Payne Edinburg Motors dealership team is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate in the business and is dedicated to providing an unrivaled brand of customer service. From our general manager to our service technicians, our whole team is driven by a passion for automotive and incomparable service that is above reproach. Feel free to contact anyone you see below and test their automotive knowledge or schedule a test drive -- we are happy to help!

Are you a driven and passionate individual? You may want to consider joining the Payne Edinburg Motors team.


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I have been in the business for 22 years, I have started my way up as a salesmen and have been granted the opportunity to be able to have different positions in the automotive industry. I have been working for Payne for 3 years and the first thing I can say is that I love the culture, the environment, and the interaction amongst everyone. Being able to work at Payne is such a blessed opportunity to stay and work for many years. 
Visit Payne Edinburg and see our whole team and myself, Tony Flores, and let us help you find the vehicle that you want.
I started working at Payne 2021. I love working for a company that not only cares for their customers but employees as well! Being given the opportunity to work at Payne is such a blessed opportunity.
I love being able to get customers in their dream vehicle no matter the circumstances!

Being able to work in the finance department at Payne is such a blessed opportunity. I love being able to help and interact with customers by being able to provide my services to them and help them get closer to their dream vehicle! I love the environment and the welcoming atmosphere the Payne provides and makes me love my job that much more.

I have been working here since Payne Edinburg opened and I knew I came to the right team! Payne Edinburg is a super friendly place where everyone is a team player. I love the fact I am able to be a part of a workplace that not only cares about its employees but the customers as well! Let me, Enrique Sanchez, help you into finding the vehicle that you want and take care of you!

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I enjoy working at Payne Edinburg, the coworkers that I have all have the same goal in which we make sure to provide the best for our customers, I love the family environment that Payne Edinburg has embellished in the store.
Being able to have an amazing team and employees is such a rare thing to have in a company, I love working at Payne because of its family orientation and to have the ability to help other people's vehicles to get back running like new again. The environment here at Payne Edinburg is so unique and amazing.
I have been working here for 3 years and I love the environment here at Payne Edinburg, I enjoy having the opportunity to work for a great place and being able to work and interact with the owners. I love being a salesman here at Payne Edinburg because I love helping customers getting their dream car, they can enter here with an idea of what they want and being able to surprise them that they can actually get a better vehicle and the car of their dreams is such an amazing feeling.


I have worked at Payne for the past 5 years and I enjoy the peaceful, friendly environment that we have here at Payne Edinburg. The opportunity that I get to be able to have an interaction with my coworkers and my customers is wonderful. Being able to help our customers get closer to their dream is what I enjoy doing.


I have worked at Payne for close to two years and 2 years in Payne Edinburg. I love everything about Payne because everyone puts in their effort and everyone is respected and we work towards the same goal of helping our customers in getting the best that they deserve. I love being able to help my customers make sure they get what they want and being able to make them happy!
I have been working here for 2 years and I love how at Payne there is no cliques, everyone wants the same goal and we work as a team to help each other and help our customers. I love being able to help people get their vehicle and seeing the smile on their face is nice because I know then that I was able to help them get their vehicle that they wanted.


I have been working at Payne since August 2021. I’m glad to be working for such a great company, as it has bought me new friends and opportunities. The auto industry is a huge passion of mine, so ensuring that customers get the best possible service is what I live for Everyone here works towards the same goal and ensure the best customer service available. Here at Edinburg CDJR we treat everyone like family! Stop by and call me, Adrian Flores, to help get you into your new vehicle!


I have been working here for some time and one thing I love about this company is the environment and the staff at Payne Edinburg. I love being able to help people find and be able to help them obtain their desired vehicle and putting smiles on people's faces.

Trabajar como vendedor en Payne Edinburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM me ha brindado grandes oportunidades para mejorar cada día. Disfruto conocer gente nueva, aprender de ellos y ayudar a la familia a satisfacer sus necesidades y deseos. Tener la capacidad de interactuar con las familias y saber por qué buscan un vehículo me ayuda a comprender cuál sería el vehículo perfecto para satisfacer sus necesidades.

5 años de experiencia


The work environment here at Payne Edinburg feels more like family than it does anything else. Everyone is given an equal opportunity and we help each other out with anything we need.
At Payne Edinburg everyone is family and we all help each other to obtain our goal and make sure that the people that come here are provided with the best services that we can provide for them!
I joined this company in 2021 and so far it's been an amazing experience. I love helping our customers with all their automotive needs. My favorite thing about working with this company is there is always room for growth and my managers will help me excel that.


I worked at Payne for roughly a year and a half, and being able to work here is incredible. I love the work environment and my co-workers and I love doing what I do and love working with my fellow service technicians.

I love the work environment and my co-workers and I love doing what I do and being able to do that in a family oriented business where everyone gets along and strives for the same goals is a blessed opportunity.



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